Wibit KidsTrack Standard Combination Play Inflatable Product



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Product Specs

The Wibit KidsTrack standard combination play inflatable product is the ultimate kids track for all standard size pools, a diverse obstacle course that will bring fun to every little one.

Modular Units Included: (1) CrossOver, (1) Slip, (1) Balance, (1) Downhill, (1) Cone, (1) Step kids, (1) TakeOff kids

Water depth for this inflatable is 4.5 feetMinimum Water Depth: 4′ 5″
Recommended Users: 4+ years old, 39″ to 59″ height
Recommended Number Users: 18

This Wibit Combination IncludesAccessories Kit Large Kids Pool Booms (detailed below), KidsScale, transport bag, patch kit (less glue).

This Wibit Combination DimensionsWibit Product Number: 31047
Approximate Inflated Dimensions: 60′ 8″ l x 14′ 9″ w x 3′ 3″
Shipping Weight: 695 lbs.

Wibit ccessories Kit Large Kids Pool Booms

Wibit KidsTrack standard combination play product includes the Wibit Kids Accessory Kit with Tool Box for FREE:

(1) Connector straps (2 pieces, 30″)
(2) Velcro adapter kids (loops)
(2) Pool booms (2 pieces)
(1) Hand pump
(2) Electric pump
(1) Manometer
(4) Strap (16′)
(4) Double buckle strap
(4) Shackle
(1) Repair tool box (with content)
(1) Product Manual commercial pool

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