Wibit Ledge Modular Play Product



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Product Specs

The Ledge offers a whole new way of moving on the water – and includes 4 different levels of difficulty: imagine standing on the ledge of a high building… Don’t lean forward too far as you might fall off or, in our case, fall in!

Wibit Ledge Specifications

– Minimum Water Depth: 4′-1″
– Recommended Number Users: 4
– Maximum Load Capacity: 660 lbs.
– Approximate Inflated Dimensions: 14′ 9″ l x 12′ 10″ w x 8′ 10″ h
– Shipping Weight: 265 lbs.
– Wibit Product Number: 30130

Wibit products are designed with safety, innovation and durability in mind, and comply with European safety norm EN-ISO 25649 and are TUV certified.

Wibit Inflatable Systems Safety Features

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