WaterLink SpinTouch Lab – Your All-In-One Pool Water Test Kit

April 23, 2019 - Recreonics

The importance of regular and accurate pool water chemistry testing cannot be overstated. Well-balanced swimming pool water chemistry not only ensures the health and safety of your guests, but also the efficiency of your facility’s equipment. However, since field testing for every chemical is time consuming and expensive, many aquatic facilities only regularly test chlorine and pH levels. While the correct balance of these properties makes the pool water safe for swimmers, imbalance of other chemicals in the water can lead to equipment failures, costing your facility more in repairs and replacements. That’s why we recommend the WaterLink SpinTouch Lab from LaMotte Company. This portable water testing system is easy to use and conducts 10 important tests in just 60 seconds.

Awarded NSF/ANSI Level 1 certification for its pH, free/combined chlorine, and cyanuric acid tests, LaMotte’s WaterLink SpinTouch Lab is engineered so that it can be used without specialized training. Simply inject one of the prefilled reagent disks with a 3-milliliter water sample, insert the disk into the photometer, and press start. All 10 tests will be done automatically—no more counting drops or time-consuming cleanup. Utilizing centrifugal fluidics photometry, the WaterLink SpinTouch is a precise machine that measures all your vital tests at the same time.

Each reagent spin disk is made with exactly the precise amount of reagent material in each of its compartments to perform all tests. Recreonics offers two LaMotte reagent disks. The #56-787 spin disk has the capacity to test for free and total chlorine, pH, bromine, calcium hardness, total alkalinity, cyanuric acid, copper, iron, and salt. The 56-789 tests for all of these parameters, along with phosphate. You will want to regularly test for phosphate if algae growth is a concern for your swimming pool or spa. Phosphates are harmless to swimmers but are a food source for algae and other plants and come from organic debris from swimmers, plant materials that blow into the pool, insects, and rain water. As such, phosphates tend to be a major concern for outdoor pools. While removing phosphates from the pool water is not guaranteed to prevent all algae growth, maintaining low levels of phosphate will reduce the likelihood of large breakouts and poor water quality.

All tests results can be viewed on the full-color touchscreen display or transferred into the WaterLink Solutions analysis program. WaterLink Solutions is an app compatible with both Apple IOS, PC, and Android devices. You can connect your WaterLink SpinTouch Lab to your computer, tablet, or mobile device via Bluetooth or USB-C. While you can read your results and store records on the device itself, the Solutions app provides an advanced data management system to assist with scheduling, organization, and chemical dosage planning.

    With the WaterLink Solutions app you can chart your data across three entities: sites, properties, and contacts.

  • Sites are the actual swimming pool or spa in this program.
  • You can connect the site to a property—the facility, hotel, park, etc. where the pool is located
  • And, also add contacts for the managers or individuals who need to be called once testing is complete or if there is an issue to flag.
This system allows you to build relationships between your data and create intelligent search controls to help your staff find exactly what you are looking for when reviewing your test records.

LaMotte’s WaterLink SpinTouch Lab has internal storage for up to 250 records while the WaterLink Solutions app can store an unlimited amount of data to its storage cloud. The app also allows you to view all test results for all sites in real time, with a color-coded flagging system that shows when a result is out of range, and will recommend chemical dosages for the specific chemistry required at a site. Any results entered manually are flagged with a special icon. WaterLink Solutions also lets you graph and chart your results, so you can manage trends in the water chemistry of your swimming pool or spa.

The WaterLink SpinTouch Lab kit comes with the photometer, USB cable with a wall adapter for charging, disk shield, meter check disk, three syringes, instruction manual and a durable, waterproof case. The meter check disk is a colored film, non-liquid disk used for checking the calibration of the photometer. It is recommended that you check and calibrate your WaterLink SpinTouch Lab at least once a month or more, depending on how many the amount of testing you do. The device is internet ready and can be calibrated and updated in the field with an internet connection. Reagent disks are sold separately.

WaterLink Spin Touch Lab and WaterLink Solutions app is the most advanced system for the accurate use of wet chemistry methods for pools and spas, achieving precision results without specialized training or time-consuming test and clean-up procedures.

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