Wibit Kids Inflatables – Aquatic Fun for Your Youngest Swimmers

May 22, 2019 - Recreonics

From the team that brought you the Aqua Track, AquaDuel, and FastTrack comes a new line of aquatic play equipment. Wibit Sports has released three new combinations for commercial swimming pools designed for children starting at age 4, with a height of 39″ to 59″. Each of these combinations features easy obstacles and can be positioned in water as shallow as 4′ for safe and exciting of your pool’s youngest visitors. Wibit Kids products also feature the new step up system (SUS) engineered to help swimmers climb onto the inflatables with ease.

Wibit Kids Downhill play module features two climbing surfaces with semi-circle steps, a jumping ledge and a side-by-side slides.

  • For small pools and small budgets, Wibit Sports has created the KidsRun. This combination features four modular pieces: Balance, Downhill, Step Kids, and Takeoff Kids. It has a capacity of seven children at once and needs a minimum water depth of 4 1/2′. At 28′ long x 3′ tall, the KidsRun is the perfect combination for fun at any pool.
  • The Wibit KidsTrack is the ultimate combination for all standard sized pools. This diverse obstacle course is a seven-module track with a capacity for 18 children. It includes the specially engineered Step Kids and the Balance modular inflatables, along with the Cone, CrossOver, Slip, Downhill, and Takeoff Kids modular units. The KidsTrack modular combination is the perfect addition for young swimmers at your aquatic facility.
  • For large swimming pools and high traffic aquatic facilities, Wibit Sports offers the KidsCourse. This 15 modular inflatable combination can entertain 20 to 25 children at once. The figure-8 design offers space for the addition of more modular inflatables which translates to more fun. The KidsCourse includes all the modules from the KidsTrack as well as four Base Kids SUS, two Y-Connect SUS Kids, Spiral, and Center modules. Overall dimensions of the KidsCourse modular inflatable combination is 52′ x 12′. It is also suitable for shallow water depth placement.

As with all Wibit products, the specific Kids modules can be arranged in any order and purchased separately for smaller play attractions in your swimming pool. For example, the Base Kids SUS doubles as a raft when not attached to one of the combinations.

WIBIT Kids modular pool combinations all come with an anchoring system that easily attaches to the swimming pool sides with the new Wibit Pool Booms. Pool Booms are a permutation of the bungee anchoring system for Wibit’s standard combinations, but with thick foam padding to protect against sliding or jumping. Pool Booms replace the need for vertical anchoring and can be connected to many different types of deck mounted stationary pool equipment such as handrails, starting blocks, and lane connectors. They can also be used with Wibit’s double suction CUP. Pool Booms are German TUV certified and ensure safe horizontal anchoring of Wibit inflatables and maximum safety during play for young guests to your pool facility.

Wibit Kids Downhill Modular Inflatable
Wibit Kids Balance Modular Inflatable
All kids modular pool combination are delivered with everything you need to install and maintain your inflatable combination. Wibit products come with standard set up parts such as connector flaps, velcro adaptor kits, electric pumps, and manometer. The KidsCourse and KidsTrack also comes with a repair tool box and accessories kit.

For more information on Wibit Kids combinations and Wibit standard combinations visit Recreonics’ website.

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