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AquaVac Automatic Pool Cleaners

AquaVac Automatic Pool Cleaners are priced upon request, call for pricing and availability.

TigerShark II Commercial Swimming Pool Cleaner 

P.O.R. - Call For Pricing and Availability - (800) 428-3254

Item #10-278 TigerShark II
The TigerShark is recommended for pools up to 30' x 60' and has a preset 7-hour cleaning cycle. The cleaner calculates the size of your pool with on-board computers and programs itself for the most efficient cleaning patterns and then shuts it's self off at the end of the cleaning cycle. The on-board pump sucks up debris while scouring the pool bottom, walls, inclines and steps. Features an easy clean cartridge filter - simply rinse clean with a garden hose. Comes with 100' cord and caddy cart. Shipping Weight: 44 lbs.
Item #10-280 TigerShark II Plus
All the same features of the standard unit but with a remote control for spot cleaning. Shipping Weight: 45 lbs.
$2,456.63 Add to Cart

AquaVac Automatic Pool Cleaner Replacement Parts:

Item #11-262 KingShark2 Replacement Drive Belt (RCX2303V)
2 required.
$80.04 Add to Cart
Item #11-263 KingShark2 Replacement 1/4" Oval Foam Gasket (RCX7813) $6.14 Add to Cart
Item #11-264 KingShark2 Replacement Tie Rod Push Clip (RCX7803) $11.71 Add to Cart
Replacement Filters for the King Shark, King Shark 2 and King Shark 2 Plus Automatic Pool Cleaners
Item #10-266 Replacement Filters (Pair) For:
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs.
- King Shark 2 Filter; requires 2 pairs
- King Shark 2 Plus Filter; requires 2 pairs
$80.85 Add to Cart
Item #10-272 Replacement Filters (Pair) For:
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs.
- King Shark Filter; requires 1 pair
$102.54 Add to Cart
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