California Building Code Specifications for Swimming Pool Lifts

Section 1104B.4.3, Code #4, of the California Building Code specifies:

Swimming pool deck areas must be accessible and an assisting device provided to assist persons with disabilities in gaining entry into the pool and a mechanism to assist persons with disabilities in gaining entry into the pool and in exiting from the pool shall be provided. Such a mechanism may consist of a swimming pool lift device as long as the device meets all of the following criteria:

Code #DescriptionRMT Aquatic Lifts
4.1.1The seat must be rigid.All seats are fabricated using a rigid, yet comfortable plastic material
4.1.2The seat must be not less than 17-inches and no more than 9-inches, inclusive of any cushioned surface which might be provided, above the pool deck.All lift seats can be positioned to be within 17-19 inches above the pool deck
4.1.3The seat must have two armrests. The arm rest on the side of the seat by which access is gained shall be either removable or fold clear of the seat.Armrests are available for purchase as an accessory for all lifts. Two removable and foldable armrests are furnished with purchase of California Splash Pool Lift Package, allowing access from either side of the seat to accommodate people who have transferring from one side.
4.1.4The seat must have a back support that is at least 12-inches tall.The seat back extends 24-inches high from the base of the seat for all lifts.
4.1.5The seat must have an occupant restraint for use by the occupant of the seat and the restraint must meet the standards for operable controls in compliance with Section 1117B.6-4.Seat belts are standard provision for all lifts. Additionally, a stability vest is offered as an additional accessory for all lifts for those with limited or no upper body mobility.
4.2Be capable of unassisted operation from both the deck and water levels.All lifts come with a completely waterproof remote control that is attached to the lift and is accessible from both the deck and water level.
4.3Be stable and not permit unintended movement when a person is getting into or out of the seat.All lifts are built using a robust stainless steel frame that provides for stable transfer.
4.4Be designed to have a live-load capacity of no less than 300 pounds.All lifts have a live-load capacity of no less than 300 pounds. The Splash HD lift will transfer users up to 400 pounds.
4.5Be positioned so that, if the pool has water of different depths, it will place the operator into water that is at least three feet below the surface of the water.RMT Aquatics requires that their engineer sign off on the pool configuration to ensure that the lift is placed in the proper location by the pool.
4.6Lower the operator into the water at least 18-inches below the surface of the water.All lifts will accommodate this requirement when installed in accordance with RMT Aquatics engineer's specifications.