The Story Behind Tailwind Recycled Plastic Lifeguard Chairs

Brothers Jerry and John Oksas grew up handling wood in their father’s saw mill. They knew they wanted to go into their own business together doing what they loved, making furniture. So the brothers set out to build quality, useful, and comfortable chairs.

In their first designs, the brothers used the woods they had worked with their whole life, but found that clients often wanted their furniture painted, which took a lot of time and resources. Then they found an efficient and earth friendly alternative – HDPE lumber. Continue Reading about Tailwind Furniture…

Choosing the Right Automatic Pool Cleaner for Your Commercial Swimming Pool

An automatic pool cleaner is a great investment for any commercial swimming pool. These cost-efficient products end up paying for themselves with savings in water, chemicals, energy, and labor. They will also provide your guests with a clean and healthy swimming environment, which is vital to their health and safety. Traditional methods of pool cleaning can miss small debris particles, especially in deeper areas of the pool. It’s also difficult for poolside and manual vacuums to reach all parts of larger commercial pools. Automatic pool cleaners can easily reach all areas of your commercial pool, including the walls and waterline.

Choosing the Right Automatic Pool Cleaner for Your Commercial Swimming Pool
Aqua Products’ automatic pool cleaners feature a 2-micron filer bag that collects dirt and debris you can’t see with the naked eye. A micron is a measurement for microscopic objects and organisms. With a 2-micron filter, an automatic pool cleaner picks up pollen, algae, sand, and dust – things your manual vacuum miss.

Manual pool vacuums require manual labor and rely on the pool’s filtration system, which uses an ineffective amount of water and electricity to clean the pool. However, an automatic pool cleaner requires very little labor and has its own filtering system that pulls water into the robot’s filter bag as it’s running. All this saves you a ton on energy costs and water usage.

Running an automatic pool cleaner will also save on chemical costs by circulating the chemicals already in the pool. Chlorine is a heavy chemical and will sink to the bottom if not regularly circulated. As the automatic cleaner filters the dirt and debris out of the pool, it also mixes the chemical-heavy water at the bottom of the pool with the chemically depleted water at the top. Regular water circulation allows a more accurate read when testing the chemicals in your pool, and is shown, in some cases, to reduce the amount of chemicals used.   Continue Reading about Automatic Pool Cleaners…

A Quick Look at Wibit Commercial Pool Offerings

Now is the perfect time to start planning and budgeting to revitalize and add play value to your swimming pool or aquatic facility! Wibit inflatable play products transform any pool into a water adventure and are proven to increase visitor numbers. All inflatables from Wibit can be connected in any combination for multiple ways to play. The highly customizable nature of Wibit play products allows for engaging and endless exercise and play possibilities. Watch Wibit Inflatables in Action!   Continue Reading about Wibit Commercial Pool Offerings…