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WaterLink SpinTouch Lab – Your All-In-One Pool Water Test Kit

April 23, 2019

The importance of regular and accurate pool water chemistry testing cannot be overstated. Well-balanced swimming pool water chemistry not only ensures the health and safety of your guests, but also the efficiency of your facility’s equipment. However, since field testing for every chemical is time consuming and expensive, many aquatic facilities only regularly test chlorine and pH levels. While the correct balance of these properties makes the pool water safe for swimmers, imbalance of other chemicals in the water can lead to equipment failures, costing your facility more in repairs and replacements. That’s why we recommend the WaterLink SpinTouch Lab from LaMotte Company. This portable water testing system is easy to use and conducts 10 important tests in just 60 seconds. Continue Reading about WaterLink SpinTouch Lab...

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Choosing the Right Paint to Protect and Beautify Your Swimming Pool

April 2, 2019

For 50 years, Kelley Technical Coatings has produced high quality swimming pool paints, coatings and other related products designed to make pool maintenance a snap. All Olympic pool coatings from Kelley Technical Coatings are user friendly, such that your facility’s staff can apply and maintain the coating without professional help, so long as you make sure to read the label.

Olympic swimming pool paints come in three different material types, each with its own benefits and requirements.

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Providing Commercial Swimming Pool Accessibility

February 15, 2019

Access to swimming pools and aquatic facilities is important for both individuals with low mobility and seniors. Swimming pools provide an optimal environment for low impact exercise and therapy—which is often necessary to the medical health of these individuals. Congress passed the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990 to mandate non-discriminatory policies for disabled individuals in America. ADA swimming pool accessibility requirements were added to the law in 2010 (and revised in 2012) requiring commercial swimming pools to provide a means of safe access to their pools such as ramps and lifts. For more information on the ADA visit Continue Reading about Pool Accessibility...

Chemtrol Chemical Controllers – The Universal Remote for Your Pool Equipment Room

January 8, 2019

Water treatment for commercial swimming pools and spas requires a complex combination of physical and chemical processes, such as chemical treatment, filtration, pumping, heating and water replacement. To properly manage these processes and chemistry and water level of a pool, engineering and pool equipment rooms are often filled with specialized meters, pumps, filters, and units—each doing specialized, individual work. Often, many of these machines will come from different manufacturers and are controlled independently of each other. Taking readings and ensuring all equipment works in-tandem and efficiently can take hours. With Chemtrol PC Programmable and Digital Controllers from Santa Barbara Control Systems, this process can become so much easier. Chemtrol controllers will work with any chemical feeders, filters, pumps, and units on the market work.

Think of the controller as the thermostat in the wall: everything is tied together with the controller acting as the “brain.”

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Save Energy with ThermGard Pool Covers

November 5, 2018

The natural loss of heat accounts for more than 70% of all heat lost from both indoor and outdoor pools. When the air temperature drops below your pools temperature, water evaporates from the surface of the pool theoretically until the water is the same temperature as the air. For heated swimming pools this means that your swimming pool heater will have to be engaged more frequently in order to maintain the desired temperature of the pool. This results in higher consumption of energy as well as higher costs for the aquatic facility.

It only takes 1 BTU to raise 1 pound of water 1 degree, but each pound of 80° water that evaporates from a pool causes a loss of 1048 BTUs of heat energy.

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What’s in Your Swimming Pool Water? – Find Out With Palintest Technologies

September 27, 2018

Anyone who has worked with commercial swimming pools will know the importance of having clean and chemically balanced water. Regular and accurate testing of your pool's water is crucial to maintaining your facility and preventing scale and stain formation, cloudy water, algae growth, and the corrosion of pool surfaces and equipment. But with so many chemicals and tests to be aware of - free and total chlorine, calcium hardness, alkalinity, pH, cyanuric acid to name a few - it can be difficult to know what kind of tool you need. Palintest offers some of the most accurate pool water testing devises thanks to years of engineering and refinement. Palintest calibrates their photometers using certified color standards set by National Physical Laboratory (NPL) standards and Palintest's quality control team prepares certified standards for their products in their own lab.

In the 1950's, Dr. Thomas Palin approached chemist and pharmaceutical wholesaler William & Simpson Ltd. in Newcastle, UK, to manufacture reagent tablets for his new method of testing water. Dr. Palin had developed breakpoint chlorination for water and the DPD colorimetric method for the determination of chlorine. DPD reagent tablets react with chlorine in the water to create that recognizable magenta color, the saturation of which reveals the chlorine levels in the water. This method was so effective that it became the standard determination method throughout the world and is still used today. Continue Reading about Palintest Technologies...

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