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Speedo Guard Collection – For the Active Lifeguard

July 10, 2019

This summer make sure you are prepared for a season of swim lessons and saving lives with Speedo’s lifeguard swim suits and swim gear. Designed for and inspired by the active lifeguard, women’s swim suits in the Speedo Guard Collection are made from Endurance Lite material, which is a blended PBT and Polyester fabric made specifically for performance. With its low water absorbency and great elasticity, Endurance Lite resists sagging and allows for greater range of motion. It is also 10% lighter weight and has a life span 20 times longer than spandex.

Speedo men’s shorts are made from a quick-drying VaporPLUS fabric which repels water and dries in record time. VaporPLUS is a treated polyester that is a more durable and quick-drying alternative to spandex and last 3 times as long. The VaporPLUS treatment also offers UV protection. Continue Reading about Speed Guard Collection...

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Advantages of Blue-White Peristaltic Metering Pumps

June 11, 2019

Today’s commercial swimming pools have a plethora of pumps and heavy machinery in their equipment rooms to ensure efficient maintenance. Chief among this pool equipment are chemical feeders. Properly balanced water chemistry is essential for the health and safety of not only your guests, but also your aquatics facility. In addition to chemical controllers and water testing equipment, you will want to make sure that your pool has the best chemical metering pump.

Chemical metering pumps offered by Blue-White are peristaltic pumps, which use rotary motion to move the fluid through tubing. These kinds of chemical metering pumps are precise and ideal for moving sterile or aggressive chemicals because they limit contamination as the chemical moves through the pump. All peristaltic chemical metering pumps from Blue White are self-priming, even against maximum line pressure. And, by-pass valves are not required since peristaltic pumps cannot experience the vapor lock caused by off-gassing, a common problem for diaphragm pumps.

Off-gassing occurs when liquid chlorine aerated by the action of pumping creates bubbles that transfer to the inner walls of the diaphragmatic pump and valves. This creates an air lock that impedes fluid from flowing through the pump, even if the pump appears to be functioning normally. Peristaltic pumps do not expereince this issue due to their rotary design, which moves the liquid via compression of the tube and the pushing motion of the rollers. Continue Reading about Peristaltic Metering Pumps...

Wibit Kids Inflatables – Aquatic Fun for Your Youngest Swimmers

May 22, 2019

From the team that brought you the Aqua Track, AquaDuel, and FastTrack comes a new line of aquatic play equipment. Wibit Sports has released three new combinations for commercial swimming pools designed for children starting at age 4, with a height of 39" to 59". Each of these combinations features easy obstacles and can be positioned in water as shallow as 4' for safe and exciting of your pool's youngest visitors. Wibit Kids products also feature the new step up system (SUS) engineered to help swimmers climb onto the inflatables with ease. Continue Reading about Wibit Kids Inflatables...

WaterLink SpinTouch Lab – Your All-In-One Pool Water Test Kit

April 23, 2019

The importance of regular and accurate pool water chemistry testing cannot be overstated. Well-balanced swimming pool water chemistry not only ensures the health and safety of your guests, but also the efficiency of your facility’s equipment. However, since field testing for every chemical is time consuming and expensive, many aquatic facilities only regularly test chlorine and pH levels. While the correct balance of these properties makes the pool water safe for swimmers, imbalance of other chemicals in the water can lead to equipment failures, costing your facility more in repairs and replacements. That’s why we recommend the WaterLink SpinTouch Lab from LaMotte Company. This portable water testing system is easy to use and conducts 10 important tests in just 60 seconds. Continue Reading about WaterLink SpinTouch Lab...

Choosing the Right Paint to Protect and Beautify Your Swimming Pool

April 2, 2019

For 50 years, Kelley Technical Coatings has produced high quality swimming pool paints, coatings and other related products designed to make pool maintenance a snap. All Olympic pool coatings from Kelley Technical Coatings are user friendly, such that your facility’s staff can apply and maintain the coating without professional help, so long as you make sure to read the label.

Olympic swimming pool paints come in three different material types, each with its own benefits and requirements.

Continue Reading about Olympic Swimming Pool Paints...

Providing Commercial Swimming Pool Accessibility

February 15, 2019

Access to swimming pools and aquatic facilities is important for both individuals with low mobility and seniors. Swimming pools provide an optimal environment for low impact exercise and therapy—which is often necessary to the medical health of these individuals. Congress passed the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990 to mandate non-discriminatory policies for disabled individuals in America. ADA swimming pool accessibility requirements were added to the law in 2010 (and revised in 2012) requiring commercial swimming pools to provide a means of safe access to their pools such as ramps and lifts. For more information on the ADA visit Continue Reading about Pool Accessibility...

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