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A Pump for Every Pool – Aurora 3801 Pool Pumps

June 5, 2020 - Recreonics

Swimming pools today are all shapes and sizes with various water flow rates and liquid handling needs. Commercial pool applications in particular have numerous design and engineering considerations that can affect the kind of pool pump you need to maximize efficiency. As the pool industry has evolved toward increased water handling, temperature, and pressure, pumps have adapted to meet the needs of every application in various ways. For large commercial pools, this Best Point Efficiency (BEP) is met with Pentair's Aurora 3801 pool pumps. Continue Reading about A Pump for Every Pool - Aurora 3801 Pool Pumps...

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EZ-LOCK Pool Floats Keep Swimmers Safe

May 11, 2020 - Recreonics

Swimmer safety is incredibly important for any commercial swimming pool. A combination of rules, procedures, supervision and equipment are the best ways to keep guests safe while they enjoy everything your aquatic facility has to offer. An easy way to partition active safety zones your pool is with Competitor Swim's EZ-LOCK Floats strung on floating pool safety line. This creates a highly visible demarcation, which assists parents and lifeguards in helping children play safely. Providing safe play activities for guest of all ages and abilities is one of the keys to a happy customer base and successful programming.

The easiest place to start marking areas of your swimming pool with EZ-LOCK pool floats are areas that may be hazardous to inexperienced swimmers, like the deep end of the pool. In fact, most states require some demarcation of the deep end with a safety line. Before getting started, you should check your states regulations for guidance. Continue Reading about EZ-LOCK Pool Floats...

Save on Pool Energy Costs with Acu Drive Variable Frequency Drive

January 9, 2020 - Recreonics

Your swimming pool pump is one of the most vital pieces of equipment at your aquatic facility. Operating like a cardiovascular system, pumps and filters circulate the water in your swimming pool to maintain safe and clean water environment throughout the day. But these pieces of equipment use more electricity than anything else in your facility, often making them inefficient and wasteful. In the era of "green" energy, resource consuming equipment can be a real problem for both your facility and your wallet. As many aquatic facilities are moving toward more eco-friendly practices, manufacturers are making energy-efficient variable frequency drives to allow you to lower your operating costs and reduce electricity consumption. Continue Reading about Acu Drive Variable Frequency Drive...

Ready, Set, Go! Start Your Race with Infinity Start System

November 20, 2019 - Recreonics

For competitive swimmers, time is everything. A difference of even 1/100th of a second can determine the winner of a race. Many small and medium-sized facilities rely on manual and hand-held timers and stopwatches for practices and swim meets. While these can be accurate to a point, you can elevate the competitive experience with an automated swim start system such as the Infinity Start System.

The Infinity Start System from Colorado Time Systems is an excellent, entry-level choice for small swimming pools and recreation centers. It consists of a start module with a handle for easy portability, a 40-watt corrosion resistant speaker, a wired microphone with start button, an internal gel-cell battery with 115V charging capability (240V available). A secondary 40-watt speaker can be added to the Infinity along with an additional strobe (sold separately).

The strobe light aids in the accuracy and accessibility of the Infinity Start System. While the horn sound is a highly audible trigger to begin the race, the strobe provides accessibility to athletes that are deaf or heard of hearing.

It's also recommended that coaches and referees using manual stop watches to begin timing with the strobe instead of the horn. In the poor acoustical environment of a swimming pool facility, the sound of the horn will reach ears with a delay, while the speed of light is unaffected by acoustics, humidity, and other environmental factors. Continue Reading about Infinity Start System...

Swim Pace Clocks – Swimmer’s Best Friend

October 14, 2019 - Recreonics

As any competitive swimmer knows, swim pace clocks are an essential piece of equipment for aquatic sports. Swim pace clocks allow a swimmer to monitor their training pace, create a target time that they want to achieve, and repeat swims or intervals. No swim practice is complete without a pace clock because they are key to improved endurance and speed.

When Competitor Swim redesigned their swim pace clocks two years ago, they paid extra attention to visibility and durability. With the best interest of swimmers in mind, Competitor Swim designed their new pace clock faces so the swimmer would be able to easily see the numbers - particularly the quarter numbers - for training, pace, and rest purposes. Quarter numbers on pace clocks are the primary numbers used in competitive swim training and are the most important for competition. Swimmers need easy and quick visibility of the numbers to enhance their training and lead to better times overall. Continue Reading about Swim Pace Clocks...

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