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Wave Robotic Pool Cleaners – The Solution for the Cleanest Pool

A clean swimming pool is important in maintaining a safe environment for your guests. Manual cleaning is time consuming and inefficient for your staff. Plus manual cleaning doesn’t do the kind of deep clean needed for a healthy pool. Whether you have a small pool or a large one to maintain, a WAVE robotic pool cleaner from Maytronics is a great investment for any aquatic facility.

Maytronics' WAVE series of robotic cleaners offer powerful cleaning performance with exceptional reliability. Each model features a smart navigation system, which uses scanning software to guide the cleaner around obstacles and ensures complete pool coverage. Patented swivel technology prevents cable tangling and allows the cleaner to move around easily without assistance or monitoring. Simply plug your WAVE robotic cleaner in and watch it go.

You can set your WAVE cleaners cycle time, wall cleaning, and water line cleaning with the remote control.

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Sanitize and Reopen with Wysiwash

December 11, 2020 - Recreonics

2020 has presented unthinkable challenges and obstacles to many aquatic facilities and community spaces. The biggest of which has become the ability to provide a safe environment for people to enjoy their favorite activities, like swimming. Going forward, providing your visitors with assurance that your facility is safe and sanitized regularly will be key. Wysiwash Sanitation Systems are chlorine-based, proven to kill algae, mold, bacteria, and viruses—including the virus that causes COVID-19. Because it’s chlorine, the Wysiwash formula will not affect the chemistry of your swimming pool if run off from sensitization gets into the water.

Wysiwash provides a quick and easy method for sanitizing your whole pool deck—including furniture, railings, and showers—in minutes. Wysiwash is a no mix, no rinse solution that allows you to clean quickly and efficiently so your guests back onto the pool deck. The sanitizing formula comes in a dry, jacketed caplet that is inserted into the Wysiwash sanitation system. The outer, plastic jackets on the caplets allow for slow erosion of the chemical by the water flow, assuring the strength of the sanitizing solution is consistent. Continue Reading about Wysiwash Sanitation Systems...

Classic Plus Stor-Lane Reel – Store Racing Lane Lines In Style

November 12, 2020 - Recreonics

Racing lane lines are an essential accessory for most swimming pools. They allow facilities to set up for events, segment their pools for multiple activities, and mark off deep ends and areas that may be dangerous for some swimmers. But, depending on the size your pool, pulling lane lines out of the pool and putting them away can be a real chore — especially if you have a high traffic aquatic facility with multiple events. Make your life easier with the new Classic Plus Stor-Lane Reel from Competitor Swim. Continue Reading about Classic Plus Stor-Lane Reel...

Wibit WaterMask and Safe Social Distancing at the Pool

September 11, 2020 - Recreonics

As COVID-19 continues to spread in cities and towns across the world, many people are looking for ways to enjoy their favorite activities while keeping themselves and their families safe. This may seem particularly hard at the pool. Cloth masks, N-95 masks, and other PPE don’t mix well with water. With the new Wibit WaterMask you can keep your staff and guests safe.

“This innovation is another step into the new normality we are facing. It will re-enable fun on the water, may it be the open sea, lakes or swimming pools”, says Romann Rademacher, CEO of Wibit Sports.

“This is a game-changing product and unique in the world. We are happy to support many areas, not only aquaparks, but all business connected to water, such as lifeguards, paddleboat, canoe or SUP rentals, and many more. Even showering at public pools is possible again.” Continue Reading about Wibit WaterMask...

Heat Your Pool with Raypak XTherm Commercial Pool Heaters

August 6, 2020 - Recreonics

As summer comes to an end and temperatures begin to drop, you can still provide an enjoyable aquatic experience for your pool patrons. Adding a heater to your swimming pool can extend its use well past Labor Day, even for outdoor pools. Raypak XTherm commercial pool heaters pack everything you need into one compact, vertical cabinet: heat exchanger with ultra-high efficiency of up to 97%, a heater plumbing package, easy-to-understand diagnostics, low emissions, and even a built-in multi-unit controller. The result is a pool heater that is practically plug-and-play.

Never before has a vertical heater provided both the installer and pool builder such installation flexibility, ease-of-commissioning, reliability and long-term performance. The XTherm has one of the smallest installed footprints of any vertical condensing pool heater. At just under 11 square feet, the compact design is the perfect choice for those hard to reach retrofit projects. Raypak's XTherm commercial pool heater is built with commercial-grade components and materials. From the steel channel base to the stainless-steel flue wrapper, and condensing heat exchanger, the XTherm is built to last. Continue Reading about Raypak XTherm Heaters...

Destination Lounger – Perfect Poolside Seating for Staying Cool

July 7, 2020 - Recreonics

One of the best summertime activities is relaxing at your local swimming pool. But if it's not adult swim, it can be difficult for some adults to enjoy staying cool in the water. Sun shelves and zero depth entries provide spaces that are happy mediums between being submerged and lounging on the deck—but they are not always comfortable for guests to enjoy. With the Destination Lounger from S.R. Smith you can upgrade these shallow areas of your pool so your adult guests can enjoy the best parts of being in the pool and lounging poolside. Continue Reading about Destination Loungers...

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