A Quick Look at Wibit Commercial Pool Offerings

Now is the perfect time to start planning and budgeting to revitalize and add play value to your swimming pool or aquatic facility! Wibit inflatable play products transform any pool into a water adventure and are proven to increase visitor numbers. All inflatables from Wibit can be connected in any combination for multiple ways to play. The highly customizable nature of Wibit play products allows for engaging and endless exercise and play possibilities. Watch Wibit Inflatables in Action!

Wibit Standard Inflatable Combinations

Wibit offers five standard combinations of their modular play products. These combinations feature three to ten modular inflatable products that are connected and can be rearranged for endless routes of fun. All standard combinations come complete with an accessory kit, transport bags, product manuals, and patch kit. All standard combinations require at least 10′ of open water around the perimeter of the combination for a safety barrier.

Wibit AquaTrack Standard Combination Play Product - Swimming Pool Inflatable A Wibit all-time classic – the AquaTrack Inflatable Combination is the ultimate track for standard pools, featuring most popular modular products.

Aqua Track

The Aqua Track is the most popular Wibit standard combination. This diverse obstacle course for larger pools requires users to exercise a wide range of skills: running, jumping, sliding, and climbing. The Aqua Track features some of Wibit’s most popular pool products. It comes with one Slope, one V-Connect, one Cliff, one Bridge, one Base, and one Step. It accommodates a maximum of 12 people with dimensions 55′ 9″ X 6′ 6″ X 5′ and requires a minimum water depth of 5’6″.

Fast Track Six

The Fast Track 6 standard combination is a perfect race course for shallow water. It’s comprised of one Hurdle and 6 Wiggle Discs. The Fast Track 6 also comes with two Steps for easy entry and exit on both ends of the course. This race course can accommodate a maximum of 12 people at a time, and has the dimensions of 62′ 4″ X 8′ 2″ and requires a minimum depth of 3′ 11″. For smaller pools, we recommend the Fast Track 3, which includes 3 Wiggle Discs instead of 6, and hosts 10 people at once.

Aqua Duel

The Aqua Duel combination is designed for modest budgets and smaller pools. It comes with one Step, one Balance Beam, and one Slope. This inflatable play combination is great for small pool obstacle races. It can accommodate a maximum of 6 people and has the dimensions of 36′ 1″ X 6′ 6″. The Aqua Duel requires a minimum depth of 5′ 6″.

Pro Track

The Pro Track is the largest standard combination for commercial pools. At a length of 139′ 5″, this inflatable combination can accommodates 22 people at once. It requires a minimum depth of 6′ 2″. This ten piece obstacle course guarantees fun by engaging different skill sets. Its narrow width make it perfect for 50-meter pools because it allows many open swim lanes. The Pro Track comes with one each Step, Monkey Bars, Base, Hurdle, Wiggle Bridge 3, Cliff, Action Tower XL, Slide, V-Connect, and Balance Beam inflatables.

Wibit Modular Inflatable Play Products

Wibit modular inflatable play products can also be purchased individually and combined in any way. These modular products can be rearranged with ease to create a new obstacle course for each day.

Wibit Action Tower XL Modular Inflatable Play Product Commercial Pool Inflatable Want more action in your pool? The Wibit Action Tower XL Modular Play Product will put your balance and co-ordination to the test! Are you ready to challenge yourself?

Probably the most engaging modular Wibit inflatable is the Action Tower. It comes in two sizes, XL and XXL, for different sized pools and features fun, interactive play on all four sides of the inflatable. The Action Towers test endurance with climbing obstacles and slides for high impact fun!

Wibit has several connector inflatables for floating, resting, and traveling between obstacles. The Junction, Y-Connect, and T-Connect inflatables create flat resting surfaces between obstacles for safe and easy play. Wibit also features several flat turns and Sidewalks inflatables to provide safe connections and exit points from the obstacle courses.

There are over 30 Wibit Modular Inflatable Play Products including:

Wibit Stand-Alone Inflatable Play Products

Wibit Rodeo Splash Stand Alone Play Inflatable - Commerical Swimming Pool Inflatable Three, two, one, SPLASH!

In addition to modular products, Wibit also offers fun inflatable play equipment that doesn’t need to be connected to other Wibit inflatables. These stand-alone inflatable products provide fun attractions for pools of limited size and water depth. They have quick set-up times and easy storage, making them great for parties and smaller venues.

The Wiggle Bridge 3 and Wiggle Bridge 6 are also available as stand-alone inflatables. You can also add additional groups of 3 wiggle discs for more fun! Another popular Wibit stand-alone product is the Rodeo Splash, which provides for the ultimate cooling-down and sliding experience.

Wibit offers two sports-oriented stand-alone products, the Polo Goal and floatingVolleyball court. Perfect for pool parties and after-school activities, these inflatable products provide fun and engaging exercise.

Wibit also features a stand-alone floating, inflatable FlatTop platform in the shape of their iconic Wibit handprint.

Other Wibit Stand-Alone inflatable products include the Bouncer XXL, Flipper, Roller, Safety Buoys and Splasher.

Safety, Safety, Safety

All Wibit products comply to the newest safety standards recognized worldwide. All Wibit inflatable play products have a calculated minimum water depth, reinforced welded seams, and pressure release valve for maximum stability and safety. They are also designed to minimize entrapment hazards, and come with safety information printed on the product as well as a detailed manual and safety guide.

For more information, and to order WIBIT inflatable products, visit the Recreonics website.