Selecting A Starting Platform

How to Select a Competitive Swimming Starting Platform

Remember to refer to your local, municipal and state statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations which may vary from those of the ruling bodies that govern competitive swimming.

  1. Become familiar with variety of models, options and anchorage system that are available.
  2. Establish the maximum desired height above the water using the applicable rulings than govern competitive swimming in the above chart.
    • FINA – Federation Internationale de Nataion Amateur
    • NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association
    • USA S – USA Swimming
    • NFSHSA – National Federation of State High School Associations
  3. Determine the “A” Dimension: A = Desired height above water less deck to water measurement.
  4. Determine the “B” Dimension of available deck space: B = Horizontal distance from vertical pool wall to the intended position (center line) of the anchor.
  5. Using the “A & B” dimensions in conjunction, determine the starting platforms that satisfies your requirements.
Ruling BodyWater Depth From Pool WallPlatform Ht Above Water: (4' to 4' 6" Water Depth)Platform Ht Above Water: (4' 6" or More Water Depth)Backstroke Bar Height Above Water
FINA1 to 6 Meters
3'-3½" to 19-8¼
No Starting Platform20" to 29.5".3 to .6 Meters (horiz & vert)
NCAAMin. 4'-0" Throughout30" max30 " max30" max
USAS3'-3.5" to 16'-5"20" - 29.5" L.C.20" 29.5" L.C.From 12" to 24"
USMS3'-3.5" to 16'-5"30" max S.C.30" max S.C.From 12" to 24"
NFHS0" - 16'-5"30" max30" max30" max