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Dri-Dek Flooring

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Dri-Dek Flooring Systems

Dri-Dek flooring solves the problem of wet, slippery floors in showers, steam rooms and locker rooms with a raised, textured surface that allows water to drain through and away. Dri-Dek tiles snaps together and can be trimmed for custom wall-to-wall fitting or around equipment. Cleans easily with spray hose.
Item #77-880 Dri-Dek Module
Dimensions: 12" w x 12" l x 9/16" h
Weight: 44 lb. (per case of 50 tiles)
Minimum Order: 25 tiles
$5.76 Add to Cart
Item #77-884 Dri-Dek Sheet
Dimensions: 3' w x 4' l x 9/16" h
Weight: 12 lb. (per sheet)
$88.00 Add to Cart
Item #77-886 Dri-Dek Roll
Dimensions: 3' w x 12' l x 9/16" h
Weight: 32 lb. (per roll)
$252.08 Add to Cart
Item #77-881 Dri-Dek Edging
Dimensions: 2" w x 12" l
Weight: 14 lb. (per each)
$2.48 Add to Cart
Item #77-882 Dri-Dek Corner
Dimensions: 2" w x 2" l
Weight: 1 lb.
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Item #77-883 Dek-Bond
Permanently bonds 100 Dri-Dek modules
Weight: 1 oz.
$23.53 Add to Cart
Dri Dek flooring is easy to install and trims  to fit any area. Non-skid textured surface cleans easily with a spray hose.
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