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ADA Access Ladders and Steps Aqua Trek Ladders and Steps On sale

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All pool access steps and ladders on this page are ADA compliant and meet the American with Disabilities Act Guidelines (ADAAG 2010).
A detailed questionnaire documenting your swimming pool's specific deck, wall and floor dimensions is required for both determining ladder or steps required and fabrication.
ADA Compliant Aqus Step

Aqua Step ADA

Aqua Step ADA has been designed to meet or exceed new ADA mandates for 2012. Standard features include: shielded treads that enclose the riser area, 11" of exposed tread/foot strike area to allow safe forward entry, hand rails that extend 12" onto top entry platform and one tread width beyond bottom step, 24" wide railings that are 34" to 38" high depending on model, and OSHA quality non-skids surfaces. Weight capacity is 600 lbs. The Aqua Step ADA units incorporate a custom approach platform design based on the swimming pool deck/wall/floor profile that must be provided when ordering.

The Aqua Step ADA is portable and very durable, yet lightweight, and has an exclusive limited lifetime structural frame warranty. It is constructed of: extruded high density plastic frame, aluminum reinforced UVA plastic railings with fluted PVC for enhanced grip and durability, all stainless steel treads and hardware.
Item #46-907 Aqua Step ADA - 4 Step
Shipping Weight: 150 lbs.
$4,702.32 Add to Cart
Item #46-908 Aqua Step ADA - 5 Step
Shipping Weight: 180 lbs.
$5,374.32 Add to Cart
Item #46-909 Aqua Step ADA - 6 Step
Shipping Weight: 210 lbs.
$5,710.32 Add to Cart
Item #46-910 Aqua Step ADA - 7 Step
Shipping Weight: 240 lbs.
$6,214.32 Add to Cart
Item #46-911 Aqua Step ADA - 8 Step
Shipping Weight: 270 lbs.
$6,718.32 Add to Cart
Item #46-915 Optional Safety Side Guards
These safety guards are installed after the steps are put into the water and hook over the frame rail. They are secured with an adjustable tension twist lock system. Each side guard is sold separately.
$418.72 Add to Cart
ADA AquaTrek Swimming Pool Access Ladder

ADA AquaTrek Ladder Aqua Trek Ladders On sale

AquaTrek forward walking ADA access ladders are custom built with no open risers, 11" minimum tread depth, 24" maximum width between stepped handrails and uniform riser heights. Customizing the distances between the treads guarantee a low, therapeutic riser height. Ladder frame extends under the treads to pool floor. All models have a 600 weight capacity rating. Flush mounted deck anchors are included.
Item #46-710 ADA AquaTrek Ladder - 5 Step
Shipping Weight: 220 lbs.
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Item #46-711 ADA AquaTrek Ladder - 6 Step
Shipping Weight: 225 lbs.
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Item #46-712 ADA AquaTrek Ladder - 7 Step
Shipping Weight: 230 lbs.
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ADA Compliant AquaTrek Step

ADA Compliant AquaTrek Step Aqua Trek Steps On sale

Typically, the ADA Compliant AquaTrek Step system can be removed and maneuvered by one person. Ideal for facilities that serve competitive, educational and hydrotherapy clients on a daily basis. A "Tip-Away" safety side skirt is included. Placement over existing obstacles and deeper pools can be accommodated.
Item #46-718 ADA Compliant AquaTrek Step - 5 tread
Shipping Weight: 220 lbs.
$4,606.86 Add to Cart
Item #46-719 ADA Compliant AquaTrek Step - 6 tread
Shipping Weight: 270 lbs.
Sale Price
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Item #46-720 ADA Compliant AquaTrek Step - 7 tread
Shipping Weight: 310 lbs.
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Item #46-721 ADA Compliant AquaTrek Step - 8 tread
Shipping Weight: 350 lbs.
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ADA Easy Stairs - ADA Compliant Swimming Pool Access Stairs

ADA Easy Stair

The new ADA Easy Stair meet all ADA guidelines for accessible design and is a proven economical solution for all larger pools that require a secondary means of access in the category of pool stair. It has a load capacity of 500 lbs. Each unit is custom fabricated and trimmed to your pool profile. ADA Easy Stair is made of molded, marine grade fiberglass and is portable, removable and requires no modification or anchoring to your swimming pool. New features include wear strips to protect both the pool gutter lip and side skirting. Comes standard with custom, white non-conductive handrails to comply with NEC electrical codes and does not require bonding connections. Includes removable dolly and entrapment skirt.

Light Blue (.LB) Med. Blue (.B) Safety Yellow (.Y)

Item #46-795 ADA Easy Stair - 5 Step
For top of deck to pool floor distances of 38" - 47". Shipping Weight: 160 lbs.
$4,582.35 Add to Cart
Item #46-797 ADA Easy Stair - 6 Step
For top of deck to pool floor distances of 48" - 57". Shipping Weight: 190 lbs.
$5,041.35 Add to Cart
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