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Splashpad Play Features

Spray Cannon Interactive Water Play Fountain

Spray Cannon

This water cannon rotates 360 degrees and has a controllable spray zone capable of soaking anything within a 30 foot radius. Sleek, high-performance rotational joints provide mobility with no pinch points. Requires 8 to 10 gpm @ 25'-35' TDH. Dimensions: Height: 40" overall; Weight: 125 lbs.
Item #81-106 Spray Cannon $5,259.38 Add to Cart
Spinner Play Fountain


Through the use of translucent polymers, splash pad patrons can see the water reflections dance on the ground ground as the water flows through the fountain head, splashing water in all directions. Requires 15 to 20 gpm @ 15'-25'TDH. Dimensions: Height: 10' 0" overall; Weight: 375 lbs.
Item #81-121 Spinner Play Fountain $5,928.75 Add to Cart
Water Garden Flower Number 5 Play Fountain

Water Garden Flower No. 2

Double the fun with two dumping buckets on this water play fountain. Nozzles and spray jets are flush mounted and waterplay structures are climb resistant. Constructed of stainless steel and brass for maximum durability and precision. Requires 10 to 30 gpm @ 25'-45'TDH. Dimensions: Height: 12' 10" overall
Item #81-125 Water Garden Flower No. 5 Play Fountain $7,850.81 Add to Cart
Five Bells Splashpad Water Play Feature

Five Bells Splashpad Play Fountain

Five translucent bells fill to the tipping point and then spill, providing non-stop unpredicatable action. The combination of water reflecting off the bells plus the motion of multiple dumping bells provides for a highly active play area. Requires a flow rate of 15 to 25 @ 12'-25' TDH. Overall Height: 11' 1"
Item #81-127 Five Bells Splashpad Play Fountain $13,005.00 Add to Cart
Aqualien Rainforest No.7 Splashpad Water Play Feature

Aqualien Rainforest No. 7 Splashpad Play Fountains

Sized for smaller children, this series of three different sized flower fountains create a symmetrical rainforest that provides a double soaking as water sprays from geysers at the top of the fountains while water falls in a curtain over the translucent domes. Requires a flow rate of 3 to 12 @ 7'-9' TDH. Overall Height: 3' 9"
Item #81-130 Aqualien Rainforest No. 7 Fountains $7,554.38 Add to Cart
"Waterbug No.2 Splashpad Water Play Feature

Waterbug No. 2 Splashpad Play Fountain

The Waterbug Splashpad Play Fountain is a highly interactive fountain that kids manipulate by pushing and pulling, causing it to rotate and change the direction of water sprays. This fountain has one geyser in the middle and five smaller jets around it. Kids can also alter height of the geyser by covering the other water sprays. Requires a flow rate of 10 to 15 @ 25'-35' TDH. Overall Height: 18"
Item #81-129 Waterbug No. 2 Splashpad Play Fountain $5,546.25 Add to Cart
Splashpad Interactive Water Playgrounds

Splashpad Water Playgrounds

Unquestionably the most stimulating and hottest trend in parks today, Splashpads are thrilling, zero-depth aquatic playgrounds that offer high levels of interaction and excitement. Splashpads combine innovative designs with a variety of entertainment options from gentle mists to spray cannons and erupting jets, and are safe, durable and low cost to operate. These water playgrounds are great enhancements to any community park and promote active recreation and family fun. If you are interested in expanding your park's offering or revitalization existing play areas please call (888)428-1767 for further information.
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