5 Tread Stainless Steel Cross-Braced Pool Ladder – 1.9 inch O.D. x .065 inch wall thickness



SKU 44-032



Product Specs

Cross-braced swimming pool ladders have been re-designed based on current codes. Some of the ladder dimensions have changed. Deck to water, distance from anchor to inside pool wall and distance between anchors must be verified.

5 Tread Stainless Steel Cross-Braced Pool Ladder – 1.9″ O.D. x .065″ Wall Thickness Specifications

– “B” Dimension: Ladder frame (measured center post to post) perpendicular to the pool wall is 23″.
– Anchor-to-Anchor Centerline Dimension: Tread width of ladder (center post to post) parallel with pool wall is 20″.
– Distance between wall and center of ladder posts 5.5″.
– Fabricated out of T-304 stainless steel tubing
– Includes all required hardware for assembly.
– Stainless steel steps with plastic safety tread inserts.

Available in 2,3,4 or 5 tread models.

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