ColorQ 2x TesTabs Pro 7 Kit



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Product Specs

LaMotte’s ColorQ 2x TesTabs Pro 7 Kit waterproof, Bluetooth® handheld photometer directly measures seven parameters using TesTabs the user dispenses into a test tube by pressing the tablet through the foil. This eliminates the need to manually tear open a foil packet and carefully dispense the tablet. LaMotte’s ColorQ 2x TesTabs Pro 7 Kit includes 100 TesTabs® tablet reagents per test factor packaged in blister-style foil packaging, photometer, and photo-diagrammatic multilingual instructions (English, Spanish, French) are packaged in a convenient carrying case.

LaMotte’s ColorQ 2x TesTabs 7 Kit Tests For:

– Free Chlorine (DPD)
– Total Chlorine (DPD)
– Bromine (DPD)
– pH
– Alkalinity
– Calcium Hardness
– Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer)