Sta-Rite Modular Media Pool Filter – 450 sq ft


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Product Specs

The Modular Media Filter is a swimming pool cartridge filtration system that utilizes balanced-flow tank hydraulics to direct water through each side of the filter for uniform dirt loading. Complete media coverage and shallow pleats allow for greater dirt-holding capacity, longer filter cycles and less cleaning. The Modular Media Filter’s Ultra Capacity Filtration System™ has a dirt-holding capacity that can be up to 3 times greater than other filters in equivalent-sized tanks. As a result, you enjoy maintenance free operation. The unique “filter within a filter” design uses all areas of the filtration media equally and by maximizing filtering capacity, you enjoy extended time between pool cleanings.

Modular Media Filter – 450 Square Feet Specifications

– Maximum continual operating pressure is 50 psi.
– Maximum operating water temperature is 104° F (40° C).
– Dura-Glas® high-density, weather resistant composite resin tank
– For Swimming Pools up to 60,000 gallons (max 8. hr. turnover)
– Filter Areas (sq ft): 450
– Flow Rate (gpm): 124
– Shipping Weight: 147 lbs.

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