PalinTest Pooltest 10 Bluetooth – standard


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Product Specs

Palintest’s newest swimming pool test kit, the Pooltest 10 bluetooth, tests for bromine, calcium hardness, free and combined chlorine, copper, cyanuric acid, iron, ozone, pH, phosphate and total alkalinity. It also calculates the Langelier Saturation Index and Palintest water balance. Palintest’s Pooltest 10 bluetooth features the storage of 100 user ID’s and 500 data sets, expert colorimetric analysis, digital measurement for quick and accurate results, and Bluetooth® connectivity. It is waterproof, portable and simple to use, making is very suitable for poolside use. Includes 10 mL syringe, dilution tube, test tube brush, crush/stir rods, USB lead, initial reagent pack and hard carry case.

Aqua Pal app (iPhone and Android) is available free of charge for use with PalinTest Pooltest 10 Bluetooth.

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