Wibit WaterMask


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Product Specs

Wibit WaterMask is the world’s first face mask designed for wear in the water. A water drain channel underneath the nose allows for quick water drainage after surfacing and an air flow slit on both the left and right side of the mask provide for easy breathing while playing on the inflatable. Made of comfortable 2mm neoprene, the Wibit WaterMask is soft on the skin and floats in water.

Wibit WaterMask Specifications

– Small/Yellow – Children
– Medium/Green – Children and Teens
– Large/Blue- Adults
– Overlapping velcro closure for easy and safe opening and closing.
– Easy cleaning with water or disinfectant.
– Flexible, comfortable ear openings.
– Reusable and washable.

Minimum order is 100 total and 50 per color. This product has a lead time of 3 to 4 weeks. Please Call (800)428-3254 or email sales@recreonics.com to order.