Swim Pace Clocks – Swimmer’s Best Friend

October 14, 2019 - Recreonics

As any competitive swimmer knows, swim pace clocks are an essential piece of equipment for aquatic sports. Swim pace clocks allow a swimmer to monitor their training pace, create a target time that they want to achieve, and repeat swims or intervals. No swim practice is complete without a pace clock because they are key to improved endurance and speed.

When Competitor Swim redesigned their swim pace clocks two years ago, they paid extra attention to visibility and durability. With the best interest of swimmers in mind, Competitor Swim designed their new pace clock faces so the swimmer would be able to easily see the numbers – particularly the quarter numbers – for training, pace, and rest purposes. Quarter numbers on pace clocks are the primary numbers used in competitive swim training and are the most important for competition. Swimmers need easy and quick visibility of the numbers to enhance their training and lead to better times overall.

Competitor Swim also added a secondary black background option to their dial face designs. In addition to the classic red and blue numbers on a white background, the new face dial has yellow and white numbers on a black background. Both options have proven to be highly visible and the only difference between them comes down to personal preference.

Competitor Swim pace clocks construction is key to usability

In addition to visibility, Competitor Pace Clocks are engineered to be durable. Swimmers need to be able to put a pace clock down on a pool deck or mount the clock on a wall, walk away to train, and not worry about the clock. New pace clock models are made from durable materials to resist the impact of pool chemicals and weather. The plastic body of the clocks are heavy-duty, chlorine and UV-resistant, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The clocks feature sweep-minute and second hands that are easy to see and designed to resist warping. Faces and hands are protected from damage and splashing by a clear Plexiglas® lens.

Competitor offers three pace clocks sizes to meet the diverse needs of facilities and individual swimmers

  • The largest and most visible option is the 37″ swim pace clock, which features large, highly visible 3 1/2″ quarter numbers. Designed primarily for competitive swim training, this clock is best suited to large, high traffic aquatic facilities where visibility is a big concern. No additional clock stand is necessary because the 37″ clock is equipped with a retractable stabilizing plate to protect against wind or accidental tipping. Additionally, the 37″ swim pace clock has wheels for easy movability and a storage space built into the back. The 37″ swim pace clocks is available in either electric or battery-powered andcan have either the white or black face dial background, but the body of these clocks only comes in white.
  • Competitive 31″ swim pace clock is very similar to the 37″ pace clock, except it requires a separate stand, which is sold separately. The 31″ swim pace clock can have either the white or black face dial background and is available in either electric or battery-powered. The body of both the 31″ clocks also only comes in white. The 31″ swim pace clock may be wall mounted based on the facility’s preferences or needs.
  • The smallest version of Competitor swim pace clock is 15″. This pace clock is ideal for water aerobics, personal training, and lower level competition training. If your facility is smaller or offers more stationary aquatic sports, this may be the best option. The 15″ pace clock is available in both a red and white body, It is battery-powered and comes with a “AA” battery. The 15″ swim pace clock is incredibly easy to transport with its top handle and flat base.

Competitor Swim pace clocks power options

When choosing between power types, it’s important to consider how mobile you will need your swim pace clock to be and the power-outlet arrangements of your aquatic facility. The electric option of these pace clocks includes an 18′ power chord with an on/off switch. The battery powered versions come with the required batteries to operate.

The durability and visibility of Competitor swim pace clocks allows swimmers, trainers, and facility managers focus on the athlete and training, and not worry about the equipment. If your aquatic facility is looking to enhance their aquatic sports offerings, Competitor pace clocks may be the answer. Whether participating in water aerobics for health and exercise or practicing for the next big swim meet, a swim pace clock really is the swimmer’s best friend.

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