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AquaJogger Aquatic Exercise Products

Aquajogger Belts

AquaJogger Aquatic Exercise Belts

Aquajogger exercise products are designed for active water exercising and fitness programs and injury rehabilitation. Aquajogger exercise belts keeps you suspended in shoulder deep water, providing the freedom of movement that can only be obtained in the weightless environment of a swimming pool.
Item #95-200 AquaJogger Pro Belt
A favorite of men, athletes and rehabilitation professionals.
$61.20 Add to Cart
Item #95-229 AquaJogger Classic Uni-Sex Belt
Patented design for lower back support.
$53.00 Add to Cart
Item #95-231 AquaJogger Fit-Women's Belt
A favorite of female athletes. Exclusively design for women.
$54.06 Add to Cart
Item #95-213 AquaJogger Junior Belt
Excellent learn-to-swim aid.
$29.58 Add to Cart
Item #95-217 AquaJogger Active Belt
Most economical model, with contoured styling.
$40.80 Add to Cart
Item #95-226 AquaJogger 48" Replacement Belt $11.22 Add to Cart
Item #95-227 AquaJogger 55" Replacement Belt $12.24 Add to Cart
Item #95-225 AquaHitch
Attaches to back of Aqua Jogger Belts and to side of pool for a stationary water workout.
$11.22 Add to Cart
AquaRunners RX
Item #95-219 AquaRunners RX
This resistance footwear increases cardiovascular effects of your aquatic exercise workout. One size fits all.
$31.62 Add to Cart
Aquajogger Delta Bells
Item #95-215 Delta Bells, pair
For upper body strength training and floatation support.
$29.58 Add to Cart
Water Workout Videos
Item #95-222 Water Workout Video $20.40 Add to Cart
Item #95-223 Take It To The Water Video $20.40 Add to Cart
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