Composite Sand Filters

Composite vertical hi-rate sand swimming pool filters feature non-corrosive fiberglass composite construction with ozone resistant vinyl ester lining that offers a 15-year limited warranty. Filter vessels have 50 psi pressure rating and tank assemblies ship complete with overhead water distribution system, lower collection laterals, gauge panel with two 4 ½” 0-60 psi dry gauges, tubing and connections, 16″ manway,valves that have wafer style nylon coated discs, stainless steel shafts and EPEM seats and seals, schedule 80 PVC face piping, auto-air release/vacuum relief valve, 3″ media dump port with internal 1 1/2″ screened drain.

Each pool filter is sized to meet your specific application. For additional technical data and pricing information please call (800)428-3254 or (502)456-5706.

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