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Underwater Treadmills and Bikes

Underwater Treadmill

Underwater Treadmill

Designed for specifically aquatic therapy and exercise, this underwater treadmill is user-powered and features a roller and internal resistance system that responds immediately and proportionally to the force applied by the user. It is recommended for newcomers to fitness, those recovering from injury and anyone looking to maintain flexibility and activity. Shipping Weight: 90 lbs. (Can Ship UPS)
Item #95-400 Underwater Treadmill $1,943.13 Add to Cart
Tidalwave Aquatic Exercise Bike

Tidalwave Aquatic Exercise Bike

The Tidalwave aquatic bike has a transmission with a unique flywheel design and an adjustable handlebars to allow users of all types to customize their workout. It features an easy fold frame design and comes standard with a bicycle style seat. The Tidalwave aquatic bike is an excellent option for physical therapy and rehabilitation applications. Weight capacity is 300 lbs. The frame is fabricated out of powder-coated stainless steel. Three year warranty on metal frame, one year for parts and transmission.
Item #95-425 Tidalwave Aquatic Exercise Bike
Available in neon green, pink and yellow. Shipping Weight: 60 lbs. (UPS)
$2,328.70 Add to Cart
Item #95-426 Semi-Recumbent Seat
Provides back support.
$204.40 Add to Cart
Item #95-427 Sports Seat $102.20 Add to Cart
Item #95-428 Water Bottle Holder $20.44 Add to Cart
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