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Haz-Mat Some of these items are considered hazardous materials and may require special handling and additional shipping charges.


This hand mixable epoxy sealant can be used on concrete or fiberglass to fill cracks, gouges, and holes in pipes. Simple to use, just twist off amount desire, knead to a uniform color (fades to white when harden), apply and hold until adhesion begins. Can usually be drilled, filed or machined within one hour. Cures within minutes and in water as cold as 40°.
Item #74-195 4 oz. Tube $8.12 Add to Cart
Item #74-196 12 Tube Box $97.47 Add to Cart
Epoxybond Pool Putty

Epoxybond Pool Putty

Epoxybond is a simple and effective pool patching putty that can be mixed in your hands, simply cut and knead together to repair leaks and cracks. Cures in water so there is no need to drain pool. Once cured, it stays white and will not shrink or sag. Mix 1-to-1 hardener with putty, replacing tube caps for future use.
Item #74-107 Epoxybond Pool Putty
Weight: 1 lb.
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3M Concrete Repair

3M Concrete Repair

3M Concrete Repair is a self-leveling urethane concrete patch. It flows smoothly into cleaned cracks and gaps and hardens in as little as 5 minutes. It hardens to at any depth with out cracking or shrinking and expands and contracts with concrete. This patch works on horizontal applications and is great for setting anchors. Apply with standard caulking gun (not included). Includes two nozzle tips.
Item #74-198 3M Concrete Repair
Weight: 8.4 fl. oz.
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