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Pressure Cleaning Systems

American Water Broom
Item #10-288 The Water Broom
American water broom quickly and efficiently cleans any well-drained surface in about 1/5 the time and uses 1/10 the water of a hose alone. Connects to any regular hose, turning an ordinary tap into a easily maneuverable high pressure wash. Broom head is 3' wide with seven spray nozzles. Made of heavy gauge steel with brass fittings. Weight: 12 lbs.
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Item #10-289 Industrial Water Hose
Dimensions: 75' l x ¾" i.d. H.D. Hose; Weight: 28 lbs.
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Hand Carried Deluxe Pressure Washer
Item #10-291 Hand Carried Deluxe Pressure Washer
This pressure washer makes heavy duty jobs a breeze! The electric water blaster regulates pressure with a variable pattern nozzle, allowing you to choose high or low pressure depending on the specific job. The Hand Carried Deluxe Pressure washer features a built-in chemical injector for using detergents, chemicals and cleaning agents. It is prefect for cleaning decks, pool equipment and outdoor furniture. This pressure washer uses a regular garden hose (not included). Includes a 36" two-piece wand with trigger gun and a 35' electrical cord with GFCI. Optional rotating brush makes cleaning even easier. 110-volt, 1.5 HP, 1,000 PSI (2GPM). Shipping Weight: 50 lbs.
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Cart/Gas High Pressure Washer
Item #10-294 Cart/Gas High Pressure Washer
This 5.0 HP gas powdered, 1,600 psi (3 gpm) high pressure washer is built for larger, tougher outdoor jobs. It comes with a durable cart, 3 gallon chemical tank, 50' non-marking hose and 36" two-piece wand with trigger gun. Shipping Weight: 87 lbs.
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Wysiwash Sanitizing Power Washers

Wysiwash Sanitizing Power Washers

Wysiwash Sanitizing Power Washers are patented, hose-end sprayers that are precisely calibrated and scientifically designed and tested sanitizing systems. These units simply connect to your hose and are so easy to use that you will sanitize more often with increased effectiveness. Proper chemical dispensing is automatic.
Item #10-290 Wysiwash Sanitizer
Wysiwash Sanitizer uses a hydro-injection venturi system to effectively clean, sanitize and eliminate odors while blasting away dirt with a jet stream of hypochlorous acid produced by combining water with specially formulated chlorine pellets. It is 120 times more effective than liquid bleach and features an ergonomic grip and convenient squeeze trigger. Chlorine tablets are sold separately.
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Item #10-292 Wysiwash-V Sanitizer
The Wysiwash-V Sanitizer has the same features of the Wysiwash Sanitizer but features a polycarbonate hydro body and a flow control valve that combines the function of the pivot connector, flow control handle and male quick connector in one quality unit.
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Item #10-295 Wysiwash Flow Control Valve Option
For the Wysiwash Sanitizer system.
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Item #50-230 Wysiwash Jacketed Pellets
The Wysiwash cleaning system was designed to provide EPA-registered and approved levels of active chlorine and eliminates algae, microorganisms, fungi and viruses that cause disease, odor and corrosion. Quantity: 9-pack.
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