Heat Your Pool with Raypak XTherm Commercial Pool Heaters

August 6, 2020 - Recreonics

As summer comes to an end and temperatures begin to drop, you can still provide an enjoyable aquatic experience for your pool patrons. Adding a heater to your swimming pool can extend its use well past Labor Day, even for outdoor pools. Raypak XTherm commercial pool heaters pack everything you need into one compact, vertical cabinet: heat exchanger with ultra-high efficiency of up to 97%, a heater plumbing package, easy-to-understand diagnostics, low emissions, and even a built-in multi-unit controller. The result is a pool heater that is practically plug-and-play.

Never before has a vertical heater provided both the installer and pool builder such installation flexibility, ease-of-commissioning, reliability and long-term performance. The XTherm has one of the smallest installed footprints of any vertical condensing pool heater. At just under 11 square feet, the compact design is the perfect choice for those hard to reach retrofit projects. Raypak’s XTherm commercial pool heater is built with commercial-grade components and materials. From the steel channel base to the stainless-steel flue wrapper, and condensing heat exchanger, the XTherm is built to last. Continue Reading about Raypak XTherm Heaters…

A Pump for Every Pool – Aurora 3801 Pool Pumps

June 5, 2020 - Recreonics

Swimming pools today are all shapes and sizes with various water flow rates and liquid handling needs. Commercial pool applications in particular have numerous design and engineering considerations that can affect the kind of pool pump you need to maximize efficiency. As the pool industry has evolved toward increased water handling, temperature, and pressure, pumps have adapted to meet the needs of every application in various ways. For large commercial pools, this Best Point Efficiency (BEP) is met with Pentair’s Aurora 3801 pool pumps. Continue Reading about A Pump for Every Pool – Aurora 3801 Pool Pumps…

Save on Pool Energy Costs with Acu Drive Variable Frequency Drive

January 9, 2020 - Recreonics

Your swimming pool pump is one of the most vital pieces of equipment at your aquatic facility. Operating like a cardiovascular system, pumps and filters circulate the water in your swimming pool to maintain safe and clean water environment throughout the day. But these pieces of equipment use more electricity than anything else in your facility, often making them inefficient and wasteful. In the era of “green” energy, resource consuming equipment can be a real problem for both your facility and your wallet. As many aquatic facilities are moving toward more eco-friendly practices, manufacturers are making energy-efficient variable frequency drives to allow you to lower your operating costs and reduce electricity consumption. Continue Reading about Acu Drive Variable Frequency Drive…

Chemtrol Chemical Controllers – The Universal Remote for Your Pool Equipment Room

January 8, 2019 - Recreonics

Water treatment for commercial swimming pools and spas requires a complex combination of physical and chemical processes, such as chemical treatment, filtration, pumping, heating and water replacement. To properly manage these processes and chemistry and water level of a pool, engineering and pool equipment rooms are often filled with specialized meters, pumps, filters, and units—each doing specialized, individual work. Often, many of these machines will come from different manufacturers and are controlled independently of each other. Taking readings and ensuring all equipment works in-tandem and efficiently can take hours. With Chemtrol PC Programmable and Digital Controllers from Santa Barbara Control Systems, this process can become so much easier. Chemtrol controllers will work with any chemical feeders, filters, pumps, and units on the market work.

Think of the controller as the thermostat in the wall: everything is tied together with the controller acting as the “brain.”

Continue Reading about Chemtrol Chemical Controllers…