Providing Commercial Swimming Pool Accessibility

February 15, 2019 - Recreonics

Access to swimming pools and aquatic facilities is important for both individuals with low mobility and seniors. Swimming pools provide an optimal environment for low impact exercise and therapy—which is often necessary to the medical health of these individuals. Congress passed the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990 to mandate non-discriminatory policies for disabled individuals in America. ADA swimming pool accessibility requirements were added to the law in 2010 (and revised in 2012) requiring commercial swimming pools to provide a means of safe access to their pools such as ramps and lifts. For more information on the ADA visit


Recreonics offers five ADA compliant pool lifts manufactured by S. R. Smith that will work for virtually any swimming pool design or application: the aXs2, Multilift, PAL series, Splash series, and the ML300
. Each lift, regardless of model, comes with five standard features: footrest and seatbelt assembly, LiftOperator intelligent control, user-operable waterproof hand control, 24-volt rechargeable battery with a charger, and powder-coated steel and aluminum construction. Each of the swimming pool lifts offered is also 3rd party tested by independent companies to assure that all S.R. Smith lifts meet ADA requirements.

Recreonics also offers S.R. Smith lift models that comply specifically with California regulations and codes requirements.

When choosing your swimming pool lift model, you will need to consider whether you would prefer a fixed pool lift or a portable one. In addition, choosing the correct lift for your pool will be based on the dimensional profile of your unique swimming pool deck.

  • aXs2 Pool Lift

    The aXs2 is a low-profile swimming pool lift with a compact footprint that makes it ideal for community and hospitality swimming pools. It provides 360°ree; rotation to ensure sufficient clear deck space for safe transfers and has a 300 lb. lifting capacity. Features integrated armrests and a sturdy roto-molded seat. The aXs2 can be ordered with or without an anchor or caddy.

  • Multilift Pool Lift

    The Multilift is the most versatile pool lift model with the option to install it as a fixed or removable lift. It can also be purchased with a Wheel-Away option providing flexibility to remove the lift for poolside events or seasonal storage. Because the Multilift is a flanged mounted pool lift it is non-rotational, but right or left side mounting allows the lift to be anchored to almost any location on the deck. The Multilift pool lift has a lifting capacity of 350 lbs. and comes with a folding seat option.

  • PAL Series Pool Lifts

    The PAL (Portable Aquatic Lift) is a portable, free-standing pool lift. It comes with PAL Secure-It-Kit, which allows the lift to be mechanically anchored to the swimming pool deck using an L-bracket and a drop-in anchor. The PAL has a lifting capacity of 300 lbs. as well as a 240°ree; rotation that ensures a safe transfer area. There are also two sub-models of the PAL to tailor the pool lift to your facility’s specific needs. The PAL Hi/Lo lift is used for facilities with both in-ground and above ground swimming pools. The PAL Spa lift is designed for above-ground pools and spas.

    The PAL2 is the most economical of PAL pool lift series. It features a sleek, modern design and attractive matte finish. It also comes with the Secure-It-Kit and is completely portable and easily removed from the pool deck. The PAL2 pool lift is available in only one model.

  • Splash Series Pool Lifts

    Like the PAL series, the Splash swimming pool lift series also comes in a standard model with a few sub-models. The standard Splash is a removable pool lift system designed for aquatic facilities seeking to provide user-friendly access to their pools. It installs into your pool deck via a stainless-steel deck anchor as well as the Splash Secure-It-Kit to comply with ADA requirements. Splash pool lifts rotate up to 344°ree;, have a lifting capacity of 400 pounds and can be easily removed with a caddy for winter storage.

    In addition to the standard configuration, the Splash pool lift is also available in Hi/Lo, Spa, and Extended Reach versions. The Hi/Lo and spa are very similar to their counterparts in the PAL lift series, except the Extended Reach is designed for use in pools with unusual gutter configurations that require a longer reach to the waterline. This sub-model’s lifting capacity is reduced to 300 lbs. instead of the standard’s 400 lbs.

  • ML300 Pool Lift

    The new ML300 swimming pool lift is a flanged mounted, battery powered lift that complies with ADA access guidelines. The ML300 comes standard with the LiftOperator control system, but, because of its flanged mounting, it is a non-rotational pool lift like the Multilift model. It features a 300 lbs. lifting capacity and powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum construction. Includes battery, charger battery console cover, waterproof control, footrest, seatbelt assembly and retro-fit anchor jig.

S.R. Smith provides Pool Lift Deck Profile Sheets that help you determine the perfect swimming pool lift for your facility. This sheet asks 12 simple questions including: gutter construction, deck type and material, facility time, and the measurement specifications of your pool. There is also a field to input your preferred pool lift model from the five standards and their sub-models. This sheet is meant to give a rounded view of your facility and its needs so we can provide you with the best lift model to serve your guests with accessibility needs.

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