Duraflex International Dive Stands and Boards

July 3, 2018 - Recreonics

If you have every watched an Olympic diving competition, you’ve seen Duraflex diving boards in action. Duraflex is the exclusive and official FINA supplier of diving stands and boards for all FINA sanctioned diving competitions, including the FINA World Championships and the Olympic Games. Duraflex has been the exclusive supplier of diving equipment for all Olympic diving competitions since 1960.

Duraflex’s founder Ray Rude was inspired to create an all-aluminum diving board while working in the aeronautical industry during the early 1950s. Mr. Rude realized that the unique strength and flexibility of the aluminum alloy that plane wings were made out of at the time would translate perfectly to a competitive diving board.

Maxiflex Model B diving board in action at competition
Competitive divers are accustomed to the Maxi-B’s “arcing” action.

Duraflex offers three diving board models for various swimming pool facilities. The Maxiflex Model B, often shortened to “Maxi-B”, is used in all major competitions and diving events around the world, as well as some universities and high schools with diving programs. The Maxi-B’s double-tapered design and specialized slots allows the whole board to arc while flexing. Divers who practice on the Maxi-B are accustomed to this action.

While the Maxi-B is designed specifically for competitions, the 16’ and 14’ Duraflex diving boards are for recreational diving in commercial pools such as public city pools, YMCA pools, and other facilities that still must conform to FINA, USA Diving, and NCAA dimensional requirements.

When ordering your Duraflex diving board, it’s important to know the purpose for which the board will be used. Competition and recreational boards are engineered by Duraflex for their specific purposes and using the wrong board in the wrong setting is likely to cause discrepancies in performance, especially for competition dive venues.

It’s also important to determine the needs and measurements of the diving well in your swimming pool in order to purchase the correct dive stand.

  • The Duraflex 1M dive stand features top and intermediate handrails on both sides of the board and can be custom manufactured to accommodate different deck styles.
  • The Duraflax 3M stand is designed for easy installation in existing and doesn’t require any kind swimming pool deck renovation. Instead, aluminum casting are designed to be thick and heavy enough to provide a stable base for the diving board. Additionally, the shape of the dive stand ladder stabilizes the board under its rear mount to further enhance stability. The ladder of the 3M dive stand has built-in handrails that provide a comfortable grip as the diver ascends the ladder. The steps are a wide with a replaceable slip-resistant slotted tread that matches the tread on Duraflex competition diving boards.
  • The Duraflex short dive stand has fulcrum and anchoring units identical to the 1M and 3M dive stands. Designed for use on concrete pedestals or platforms, Duraflex short stands can be made with or without handrails.
Duraflex short dive stands and FINA world championshps.
Duraflex offers 1M and 3M dive stands, as well as a short dive stand.

Duraflex provides all customers with a production questionnaire that also doubles as a checklist when ordering Duraflex dive equipment. The questionnaire will walk you through all the necessary measurements and product types for your facility.

Duraflex boards and stands come with a 1-year warranty for replacement if a structural failure occurs due to manufacturing defects. The warranty does not extend to the finish or surface of the board and stand.

Replacement hardware and parts can be purchased for Duraflex boards from Recreonics along with your Duraflex board and stand.

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